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What does PG mean? Is this a safe place to stay?

Sangeetha May 20, 2022

As business globalisation grows in popularity, most people will be forced to relocate to other cities. It’s sounds too tough for them to leave their own place, where parents are being overly attached to their children, they want their children should feel secure and safe, which is the primary concern of all the parents one who are sending their childern for studies and work. If the child is a girl, their worries are amplified. The atmosphere in the PG provides a level of satisfaction to the parents. Because it is well equipped with CCTV cameras, watchmen, and security guards. Also students, working professionals, and bachelors who are unable to manage multiple household responsibilities rely on PG housing.

PG stands for Paying Guests. It is a rental accommodation wherein a person as to pay specific amount to live at their property. It's nothing like living in a rented property as a tenant. Working professionals and students prefer to live in areas close to business centres or educational institutions because it allows them to save time and money, here PG accommodation comes into play. PG as its own advantages, go on reading to know all of them.

In the metro cities, PGs can be found in large numbers. Where it provides shelter to a large number of people. PG accommodations come in a variety of configurations, including single and shared rooms. Two or three people choose to share a single room depending on their needs. PG usually includes a mess, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Other amenities include laundry, refrigerators, TVs in each room, microwaves, electricity, and water. The cost of a PG depends on the amenities available. The rent is collected monthly by the PG owner, and it is due at the beginning of each month. So that they can cover all of their monthly expenses, from groceries to floor cleaning.

Why choose a PG over a flat? Is It PG accommodation so affordable?

In PG accommodation guest have the option of sharing the room with others. Which is more economical. It is more prefered as it provides the food facility along with other services like cleaning the floors, rooms,..etc

Guests do not need to be concerned about paying bills such as electricity or water. Everything is handled by the owner. PG lodging is very affordable because you are not required to bring any furniture; it provides a bed, cot, and chair for each room.

The rent in flats, on the other hand, is significantly higher. The flat must be set up by the tenants. The tenants are responsible for all tasks, including food preparation and cleaning. They are responsible for their own bills, such as electricity and maintenance. Families prefer flats because they need a lot of space and want to keep their privacy. However, flats are not as safe and secure as PGs.

Advantages of PG living

Paying guest accommodations is not only feasible and cost-effective, but it also offers a great deal of flexibility. The benefits of staying in a paying guest accommodation are numerous, which is why this trend is growing in popularity today. Some of the advantages are listed below.

Close Vicinity

Typically, a PG will be located close to commercial hubs and study institutions,in turn reduces the travel time of the working professional. The PGs located at such places easy access to public transport, mall, hospitals and restaurants.

Social Interactions

It’s really feels like alone when you started staying in PG for the first. People in PG usually share rooms with others, and they end up becoming good friends. If one stays in a PG, however, they can make friends and have a social life outside of their family.


PGs will not restrict you with timings, you have complete freedom to stay at your friend’s place. Some of the PGs make you to mention your check-in and check-out in the register.

Facilities that a PG accommodation offers


PG accommodation consist of mess to provide food for all three times. Where the menu is pre-decided. There fill be fixed meal timings. Some PGs having separate kitchen for guests to cook of their needs. Fridge for each floor or it is kept in common area.


PG offers furnished room with attached bathroom, room includes a bed, a geyser, an almirah, a fan, a wi-fi network, a table and a chair. Some PGs, on the other hand, include televisions and stereo systems in the common area or even in the rooms, as well as a gaming area and a gym. It also has parking options for vehicles.


Working professionals and students who are short on time find washing their clothes difficult. Laundry service is provided by PGs, who provide separate washing machines and irons for each room. Alternatively, these services could be kept in a common area.


The guest rooms will be maintained by the PGs, and a housekeeper will clean the rooms, floors and bathrooms.

To conclude, PG accommodation is more affordable than flats, rent house. Also it offers many amenities and feels secure for guestes to stay over there. This makes PGs becoming so popular in the metro cities.

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