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Must do things in Gruha Pravesh: House warming Ceremony

Srushti April 29, 2022

When we purchase a new car, motorcycle, or electronic item for our home, we will begin to use them only after the pooja is completed. Buying a house is the start of a new chapter in one's life. Shouldn't we begin on a fortunate day, welcoming positive energies into our home? Yes, you're making a dream come true and it should go on your list of favourite memories.

Gruha Pravesh is a unique occasion in the life of any homeowner. On this speacial day, Invite all of your relatives and friends to share your happiness and to show them your new home.

This pooja is performed, Once all of the construction work is completed and the house is ready to move into. Before deciding on a pooja date, make sure the house is ready, with all of the necessary fixtures in place, such as entrances, window frames, wall paint and electrical fixtures. Clean the entire house with water to remove all the dust.

Decorating the Entrance

Make the lighting arrangements to the whole house night before Gruha pravesh. On the day of Gruha pravesh, Before starting the pooja, draw rangoli infront of the house and color it to give the vibe of fest. Arrange some flowers around it. Decorate the main door with mango leaves and fresh flowers. It should have swastik or any spiritual symbol at both the ends.

Don’t forget to break the pumpkin and keep it on both sides of the door before entering inside.

As the first step in the pooja, Govardhana pooja is performed, cow and calf should enter the new home first, before anyone else. It is believed that this brings prosperity and positivity into the house.

Step inside with your right foot.

Enter the home with right foot to bring in good fortune. Keep this simple gruha pravesh tip in mind, when you first walk into the house for gruha pravesh pooja.

Decorate the Kalash

Fill the pot with water, nine types of grains and coin. Place the coconut on top of the kalash, with mango leaves on either side. Take this kalash inside the home and keep it near the place where havan will occur.

Arrange for a peace havan and puja.

Havan is done to seek blessings of the almighty. All family members should sit around the havan kund, to participate in it, while the priest chants the sacred mantras. The medicinal herbs, ghee and camphor are used during gruha pravesh havan pooja. Havan purifies the air, fills the home with positive vibes and signifies the auspicious new beginnings. Light the diyas and lamps to attract spiritual energies.

After the havan one can also perform Ganesh Pooja, Satyanarayan Pooja on the day of gruha pravesh.

Boil the Milk

Another important event at gruha pravesh is boiling the milk.Once after the havan, arrange the new stove with flowers and do pooja for the same. boil the milk on new stove in an open pot. The utensil using for this should be new one. Wait until milk boils over the sides. This symbolizes the abundance of prosperity. Add sugar and serve it to the family members. It is believed that as milk overflowing let the blessings, health, wealth, happiness, fortune keep coming in and over flow in that place for the family staying there.

Plan meals for priests and guests

Plan the menu for the food to be served in advance to treat your guests on the day of griha pravesh. Because the puja is performed on an auspicious day, vegetarian food should be provided. First, serve the food to the priest, then to the guests. Prasad, such as halwa or kheer, is prepared on the day of the griha pravesh.

House warming Tips: Gruha Pravesh Pooja Dont’s

1. Select auspicious day for the pooja, Don’t perform the pooja If there are pregnant women in the family. Also if a family member or close relative demise, the house-warming ceremony should be avoided.

2. Except for the gas stove, do not move any furniture inside the house until the Vastu Puja is completed.

3. Do not blow out a pooja diya by blowing air from one’s mouth.

4. The house should not be left empty for at least three days after the puja is completed; otherwise, the puja's effects will be negated.

Samagri list for Griha Pravesh puja: Things you'll need for the puja





Mango leaf


Vermilion & Turmeric


Dry Fruits

Milk (not boiled)



Tulsi Plant



Fresh Fruits



Batti for Lamp

Black sesame seeds

Ganga jala


Betel leaf & Areca nuts

Match Box

Deepam oil



Cloves & Cardamom

Earthen clay diyas

Havan Samagri

Dub grass

Blouse Piece

Desi Ghee





Dry Wood for Hawan


Red Cloth



Dhup batti




Whether you are a first time home buyer or an investor. It is a great feeling to purchase a home and an even greater feeling to conduct a magnificent Gruhapravesam ceremony. We hope these suggestions prove useful and that you are able to plan the most stunning housewarming ceremony possible. Following these guidelines will make planning and placing on a memorable event a breeze.

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