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10 Plants That Bring You Health, Wealth and Love

Siri May 16, 2022

Who wouldn't want greenery in their home? If they are bringing you luck while also purifying the air. Green plants are a popular way for people to decorate their homes. However, there will be some uncertainty about which plant to bring in. Here are a few plants that will bring you great luck and fortune.

List of plants that can bring good fortune to your home

1. Palms

Palm plants are well known for its size and good vibes inside the home. We can find this most commonly where ever we go. This plants gives the tropical feel to your homes.

Palm plants attaracts lot of positive energy and radiate it around it. They're also great at getting rid of harmful dust from carpets. These plants are said to bring wealth and peace of mind to everyone in the house.

2. Pachira Money Tree

Pachira money tree are easy to care for. It grows well as indoor plants and can tolerate lower light environments. It is often used as a feng shui adjustment to bring prosperity and good fortune.

The Southeast corner of your home or office, according to traditional feng shui, is the most connected to your wealth and abundance. Including a money tree in this area of your home or office could be beneficial to your financial situation.

The stalks are usually braided together to give it a unique look, the leaves must have five or more fingers to be lucky.

3. Money Plant

"Which plant is lucky for your home?" you might wonder. - Anyone who sees a money plant will react immediately. The money plant will bring prosperity to your home.

Money plants are thought to bring wealth and good fortune to the home, as well as aid in overcoming financial difficulties. Money plants filter toxins from the air and act as natural air purifiers. Keeping a money plant at home can assist with personal and professional success.

4. Lucky Bamboo

The bamboo plant is associated with good fortune and luck for the residents of the home, making it an excellent housewarming gift. It's a great addition to one's home decor because of its orderly appearance.

The number of stalks in a good luck plant has a significant impact on the meaning of that particular lucky bamboo plant. A three-stalk bamboo is recommended for happiness and long life. It should have five stalks for wealth, six for good luck, seven for health, eight for growth and prosperity, and 21 stalks for great health and wealth. Bamboo good luck plants for the home purify the air and remove pollutants from the environment. Preferably, place the plant in the east to focus on family or the south-east which is the nucleus of wealth.

5. Snake Plant

It can survive in a relatively dry environment both indoors and outdoors because it is a hardy plant. The plant is commonly regarded as a bad plant in Feng Shui circles, but when placed in a secluded area of a crowded home, it emits a strong positive energy.

When kept in the East, South, or South-East direction, the snake plant brings positive energy. Snake plants are one of the most effective air purifiers, filtering the air even at night. It's also known for its ability to remove harmful pollutants from the air. This plant is harmed by excessive watering. When it comes to light, indirect sunlight is best.

6. Jade Plant

The plant's vibrant green leaves represent growth and renewal. Their leaves resemble coins as well. The jade plant's slow and steady growth can represent the steady accumulation of wealth. For optimal growth, the Jade plant requires full sun. As a result, take your pot outside at least once a week.

The jade plant thrives in the east, south-east, west, and north-west directions. It raises the humidity level. It has the ability to attract wealth and success, so it can be placed at the front door of homes to benefit the owners. According to the experts, the jade plant should not be kept in the bathroom or the bedroom.

7. Potted Orchids

Orchids, one of the most beautiful flowering plants, are more than just decorative elements. Orchids represent good relationships, happiness, and fertility in Feng Shui.

Orchids, when used to decorate your home, can help you relax and reduce stress, as well as improve your mood. Orchids are a simple way to add colour to your space. These no-fuss plants are simple to maintain and provide numerous benefits. They release oxygen at night, allowing residents to get a good night's sleep.

8. Tulsi or Basil

The most common medicinal and sacred plant found in every Indian home is holy basil, also known as Tulsi. This plant is thought to bring happiness in addition to its other benefits.

Tulsi, without a doubt, has enormous religious and mythological significance in Hindu philosophy. The properties of purification, eradication of negative energy, killing bacteria, and stimulating positive vibes are at the heart of this significance. It's also thought that meditating in front of the plant can arouse human passion and provide a sense of calmness when eaten. The plant emits a pleasant aroma that helps to keep the environment fresh.

9. Peace Lily

A long-time favourite among indoor plant lovers. Peace lilies are a wonderful addition to any room because they help to clean the air and bring a sense of peace. According to Feng Shui, cultivating peace lilies promotes good fortune and prosperity while also warding off negative energies.

This lucky plant is also good for emotional well being because it attracts good vibes. By purifying the air, this good luck plant improves the flow of energy in the home. It also promotes restful sleep by absorbing allergen-causing mould spores in the air.

10. Rubber Plant

For those looking for a unique, moody plant for their living room, the rubber plant is a popular choice. The rubber plant is best known for its austerity and auspiciousness in the wealth area, but it can be used in any location.

In Feng Shui, the plant's round leaves are symbolic of money and prosperity. When the plant is kept in the home, it brings luck, abundance, and an increase in wealth.

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