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Locality Trends

What does PG mean? Is this a safe place to stay?

Sangeetha May 20, 2022

As business globalisation grows in popularity, most people will be forced to relocate to other cities. It’s sounds too tough for them to leave their own place, where parents are being overly ...

How does life in Bangalore's Electronic City compare to life inside the city?

Ayusha May 07, 2022

Before purchasing your dream home, you have a plenty of choices. If your given with chance to choose between the apartments in electronic city and apartments in inner city. Which will you go for? I ...

What makes Sarjapura so popular with homebuyers?

Sihi April 26, 2022

Home, Owning a home is a dream for many people and a nightmare for someone else. Everyone feels compelled to spend time with their loved ones in their own residence.

Home ownership has a ...